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Project Z GmbH

Obere Giesswiesen 11-13
78247 Hilzingen

CEO: Oliver M. Roettcher
Registered Office: Hilzingen, Germany
Registry Court Freiburg i.Br. - HRB 703827

Phone: 07731 922 000
Fax: 07731 922 033

Project Z is a fully integrated manufacturer & developer of the most professional interactive digital signage solutions….a “One Source Provider”

Project Z’s German ingenuity & meticulous attention to detail is reflected in the extraordinary platform and user friendly cloud based customized software.

The Project Z solution is now fully supported by our professional service teams in many countries around the globe.

With our integrated portfolio including the hardware, software and service, we develop customized solutions depending entirely on your company’s particular needs.

The hardware is designed and certified especially for installation behind glass and/or mirror surfaces. The customized HD digital media display is installed behind a crystal mirror or Project Z’s Magic Mirror. The Project Z solution then transforms a conventional mirrors into “infotainment” platforms that communicates with nearby consumers and meets the highest requirements in terms of image quality and glass design.

Each platform and supporting media software can be individually customized to your requirements. Project Z utilizes a unique, proven mounting system that is extremely user friendly, so that installations can be done easily and quickly.